10. Raising IQ

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Have you ever wondered what your IQ?

I always considered the question of what determines whether someone is smart or not. But as you look at it from this perspective, if put next to each other two people one that I have never read any book, and one that is after graduation and has a huge knowledge, which of these people forgetting intelligent?

A lot of talk about the fact that IQ-intelligence is innate, but the observation is that it is possible to pick it up, you just need to absorb a lot of information, and automatically become more intelligent.

I am to realize that some people are born with more than average quotient, so from the beginning, have it easier in this matter.

But if we have a huge motivation for this we can match or even surpass above-average person.

Have you heard can the story of Thomas Edisonie, in primary school was considered the least capable student in the entire school, was kicked out of her and he was at home on their own.

He was very inquisitive child and ask a lot of awkward questions teachers, although he was not able to remember any of the statements or designs that teachers have tried to instill in him.

In spite of all the obstacles which suffered a Thomas Edison, uparcię dażył to your order until you invented the light bulb. It took him more than 10 000 attempts to succeed.

Every time you have a failure explained it to and anyone who it is asking “I am this one test closer to success.” He was sure that will succeed, he did not know just when this happens.

But his discovery revolutionized the entire world.

Do you imagine a today a world without light at night? or sitting at the candlelight? Immensely I thank him with all your heart that did not give up, and it made me motywuję to also follow your tracks is not giving in to no matter what difficulties they will meet me after the go-ahead.

From the top I assume that we will achieve success, but when it occurs it is a matter of patience.

But as you can see, Edison was not a very skilled individual and his discovery had its effects on the world as far as possible. And what continues to say that something can be done?

In today’s worlds we convince ourselves to many blasphemies. You can not, can not be that.

All a matter of motivation and perseverance, and the current era of technology, so helps us to realize that everything is 100 as no 1000 x easier than 100 years ago.

Look what you have possibilities. Today to fulfill your dreams you do not need to be prominent and have 140 + IQ to get somewhere at all. Even said I would, conversely, too much thinking on many issues it blocks us from too much we analyze and we wonder whether something will come out, do some locks us does not stop after the go-ahead.

And just one do WORK to your purpose and do not pay attention to the lock or the problems that we face, but try to deal to with them at any price.

You can’t turn something yourself? Maybe it’s high time to get help from someone more experienced?

A person of success, she said:

“The world’s amended this directive implemented almost all the possible scenarios, if something you bump into someone you probably already is he came up with, but this does not mean that someone properly it got involved to push the next”

The point is that even if you have a great idea, you need to be aware that somewhere in the world someone also be able to have this idea, but it depends only on you or something to do with it.

Your motivation and samodyscyplin and faith can break through the plethora of competition and the problems which you encountered during the implementation of your vision or purpose.

To persevere at something you have to have a huge vision and desire to achieve your goal, you will stick. Intelligence has nothing to do with this because you should not impose on yourself unnecessary worries that someone is smarter than you and therefore is better, because it is not true.

Each of us is a unique entity and each of us has in to something special. Everyone is so constructed that is unique in a. And this is what most us different is a way of thinking and our motivation are factors that each of us is totally different.

Think about this and think again if you’re on something “stupid”, and intelligence can sometimes raise if appropriately edukujesz.

And one more thing are also things that kill our intelligence or reduce:)

How do you feel after a few hours watching tv or ads? Have you ever wondered about what you feed your mind?

All of the stimuli that you acknowledge the outside goes inside and nabierząco are filtered by your mind.

Have you heard about the method they use Chinese when you change the identity of the secret śpiegów, it is also very interesting and gives to think how our mind can be zmęczyc too high dose information in a short period of time.

Wyobraż to that in secret facilities where auditions agents or specially prepared training on the secret agent, the Chinese apply very brutal method.

Well, the new special person qualified to transmit the voice of the different information that the mind must analyze, nabieżąco siedziąc in front of the person you want to convert to your puppet.

It looks so that the person who is on the other side of the table is fixed and all the time cucona different methods to assimilated throughout this period the plethora of these information.

After 24 hours the mind of such a person is just reset his memory is cleared to zero temporarily, and can such a person believe anything, then such delikwentowi give the paper that change his identity, and the agreement with żądem, and then instill in him again this identity. Then in a prison shall provide the information as he signed the culprit and wpuszcząją it back to his cell with your tenants.

Such a person must accept the fact kim became because is not able to explain what happened during this entire period and why on the document is its signature. So it confirms all the assumptions that he taught Government and do not neglect anything.

The mind is a powerful machine, and most of us don’t use it even at 10%, the average of which it says it’s from 2% to 5% of the potential of the mind.

Albert Einstein-a German physicist of Jewish origin, one of the greatest physicists-theorists of the twentieth century, the creator of General and special relativity, showing-the wave theory of light, the discoverer of the stimulated emission.

Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for the photoelectric effect. Published more than 450 works, including more than 300. Brought its contribution to the development of the philosophy of science.

Apparently the Same Einstein was able to use your mind to 20% of its capabilities, you can it to imagine?

The genius of all time who developed the theories of relativity and many many amazing theory, use your umsył 20% up to?

This is what our minds can yet? Can I used to know.

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