9. The success of Movies and business that you must watch

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Some time ago I have published a list of 9 videos that you may want to watch.

Since then, after I got fascinated with movies about the success of the business. So I started from time to time to look for films from this topic and I would like to now share with you items that I most liked and I recommend to everyone:)

Business, money, sex, drugs, morality, these stories often occur in these films.

As you know where the money problems, where the money and the problems there, women and so on and so forth:)


I think each of you knows what it is Iphone and iMac. You are not curious about how this story started?

Apple today is one of the most famous market around the world and is an amazing power in the market for electronics.

And Steve Jobs came from an ordinary family and created a company from ZERO. Here is the story from zero to BILLIONAIRE!

I recommend this movie to everyone, is amazing and I show exactly the way the development of one of the most powerful companies in the world with a great cast.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

(Poland) "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Many of you probably already know this story:)

Do you dream of huge money, you are a stockbroker, whose daily turnover reaches $5.7 trillion, you become a stockbroker and on the same day the company that worked on the stock exchange from 120 years ends activities in one day because of the stock market crash.

Here's a video about the huge money, and what life is like once you already have so much money that you do not know what to do with them. Great story based on facts! Many threads of the story really happened.

Jordan Belford is a real person who just lived in such a way. We can by 1 hour look at the eyes of genius that at best your lifetime earned about $1 million a week.

This video is just amazing, it is looking at and is incredibly interesting. If you haven't seen it I'll tell you one thing. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!

3. Margin Call

(Poland) "Greed"

The company overreacted with a budget and must release the majority of people, one among the persons appointed to the relief will go to a great analyst who has found something suspicious in the activities of the company on the stock exchange.

The company, however, is disregard deems irrelevant, that same night, the same company is on the verge of bankruptcy in an attempt to find the missing exempt employee.

This is a great story showing what is happening in the larger companies that rotate with money in the market. Worth a watch!

4. Le Capital

(Poland) "The banker's Lust"

Have you ever wondered how to operate the largest organizations in the world that rotate more money than any oil tanker would be able to transport.

We are talking about the world's Central banks such as the U.S. Central Bank did France Central Bank.

Wonder how I get up the world currency crisis or whether the stock market actually anything can happen? Or maybe this is fixed by central banks?

I recommend this movie, what happens in Government banks is more interesting than you it seems.

5. Boiler Room

(Poland) "Risk"

What to choose:

Be rich or be honest and moral …

A smart young boy when it realizes what is going on in the broker which began work to make millions, I stand on a precipice of his own thoughts, "not as it was meant to be."  They promised millions, but nobody said that you have to pay the price for it.

Super film describing the situation with which many people are struggling in the business.

This is my list of movies that I caught in the eye, if I can find something else in the future I do another:)

And what your are a proposal for films about the success of the business or the stock market/money?

Write suggestions in the comments.

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