(from. foreign exchange) is a foreign exchange market. This is a global, international market built on linked it network banks and financial institutions around the world. Is available for several different groups of investors including retail investors through companies such as X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski S.A.

X-Trade Brokers provides free of charge to its clients, the software used to trade on the FOREX market and thus acts as an intermediary in the conclusion of the transaction. Check out assuming a free demo account.

The FOREX market to form institutions located in all time zones across the globe hence FOREX does not have one specific place of trade as it is in the case of individual stock markets. Transactions in this market can be made from 23:00 on Sundays to 22:00 on Friday.

Intermediary companies to trade on the FOREX market, such as X-Trade Brokers DM S.A., are not kantorami and not really in them is exchanging one currency for another or the physical removal of a different kind of assets. raw materials (gold, silver, etc.).

X-Trade Brokers DM S.A. through its information systems provides its customers with a connection to the FOREX market in real time because charts and odds visible in investment programs of the company fully reflect situations in the global foreign exchange market.

X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski S.A. along with the investment account opens each to your client bank account in the Bank PEKAO S.A., to which the investor contribute funds, which plans to invest in the FOREX market. The status of the funds on the bank account is in investment as the account balance.

Trading in the FOREX market is concluding the transaction in the relevant transactional programs on their chosen market and benefit financial growth or decline rate on the market.

If the investor is observed on the market (e.g.. Foreign Exchange) and predicts an increase in rate quotes, contains the transaction of purchase. Reaches the profit if the market selected actually will take place increases or the loss if there are dips.

Similarly, if the investor provides drop rate on the market, includes sales transaction and draws profit if the exchange rate actually drops or bear the loss if the rate increase.

If you can make money in the Forex market?

Many people think that it is impossible to cash in on this market, and either you have to have this head shop or spend 20 hours before the graphs and analyze everything in 5 different monitors.

This is not true, many Trejderów spends in front of the computer 10-30 minutes a day and earn a fortune on their transactions, it all depends on the strategy that we are going in, and I will tell you frankly that the more you spend at the charts it does not mean that the more we earn. If we select the Strategies appropriate to our lifestyle, we can make a fortune on this.

Once I watched the document and Trejderze who spent 16 hours a day on the market, and so for 5 years, earning plenty of on one transaction, he taught a lot of people and make the signals their group.

But more importantly was when he was asked "whether it is the need for as much spending at the same time?"


"You don't have to do all that you spend 10-30 min or hour a day and you can make money, but I Love to do and gives me a happiness that is why I spend so much time in this and so many years, my wife understands this, of course, we are many years already."

So people who spend most of their time on the charts, they do it because it's love.

And here I present to you perhaps the best broker of what until now had been in contact, I checked personally tens of as not a hundred brokers and Only this is the most reliable:


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