FutureAdPro: how to get started and how to make money in this program?

FutureAdPro is one of those programs revshare that … at the beginning I was not convinced.

The reason was that it seemed to me that FutureNet trying to make copies of Facebook, first thought “As they took a it represent?” I heard that FutureNet pays for activity, while thinking and good idea provided that Facebook would because a lot of time there we spend, I looked around the platform FutureNet and the social networking site Facebook compared to Miserable Enough Look so there I thought this portal as a worth attention, the arrangement resembled a Facebook but many missed to him, so no I seriously to this platform, but over time, FutureNet started to develop new conferences to new ideas.

And at the moment thanks to the innovative people who keep I’m convinced that in future almost FutureNet to reach your goal, and at some point will bring the update which many closer to Facebook, and it may be only a matter of time, because the founders have plenty of ideas that all the time trying to implement and grow their company and it shows! And you know what-I want to participate, I see great potential here, because I trust in the people, and I’m like the most for the development of FutureNet and want to participate.

I also invite you all to join where something great.

Here the article that Poland Newspaper describes FutureNet is something means so much RevSharów was so far still have there wrote:)

Official legal newspaper: http://serwisy.gazetaprawna.pl/jakosc-roku/artykuly/971504,postaw-na-futurenet.html

Today I am in FutureAdPro and seeing its potential I try more and more to convince him and put more work and energy in this program and to knock it to the next level because I know that he will run a long time, and a lot of benefits can give me as well as you.

Who is behind FutureAdpro?

The owners are Roman Landowners, and Stephan Morgenstern, and CEO – Matthew Głowicki.

The company is based in Paris, and it can be approached at any time (ul. A cavalier attitude towards 5), although the same futurenet platform operator is registered in the Marshall Islands, from what can be seen on the website FutureAdpro.

Below to listen to an interview with Roman Ziemianem (program, operation, users, plans):


Roman Landowners


The interview is from March 2016, now already discussed on the Revshare FutureAdPro works, and allows users to make money on advertising packages and effectively promote your websites, or other businesses. Plus it has introduced options that owner on an interview announced.

How to make money in FutureAdPro?


Here, as in the classic revshare we earn on advertising packages (adpackach).

The cost of the package: $50 (includes 1000 impressions of our ads)

Charge: 1% daily (or 0.5 $)

Operating time package: about 120 days

After the event Futurenet in Wroclaw, there have been buying advertising adpacków for $10. Percentage of work the same, but are slower than adpacki for $50. 80% of the speed (temporarily) a large adpacka.

The condition of receipt of accrual: view once in 24 hours 10 ads in the program.

Profit: 20% (i.e. $50 adpack shuts down after reaching a $60)
The maximum adpacków for $50:1000

A big plus is the Polish language panel, but the program is multilingual and single-button you can change the language support for English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Danish, Czech, Italian, Turkish or Ukrainian, which also makes is prepared for users from virtually all over the world.

Payment in Futureadpro


Adpack advertising can be purchased using one of the many payment options:

payment futureadpro

Here we have a m.in popular Bitcoin but dotpay, which is a quick online payments by bank transfer from your account (very convenient), as Payza, or STP, and others. Recently, you can also make payments directly to the stock exchange mining-Bitbay.

Important: with each payment of 5% of funding is also on the anvil in Futurenet, that buys automatically when they earn an appropriate amount.

Primary balance: here collects 95% of the profits from the accrual
The remaining 5% out is. Ad account, from which you can purchase advertising, or pay for a subscription to receive higher commissions from referrals and purchase more packages.

Those subscriptions:

subscriptions futureadpro

Commission system as above: depends on your subscription.

Free account (max 50) Commission from referrals from level 1 is 3%, and the higher the pay subscription, the fee is higher, up to 8% for people with the first level.

Commissions of the other 4 levels do not include free account, so that they receive must be paid the appropriate subscription (table)

How to get started in Futureadpro?


Simply sign up for an account (free), here’s a link to a registration in FutureAdPro.

You can only have 1 account per 1 household, an attempt to break this rule will lead to the cancellation of all of nieregulaminowo accounts

Next step is a review in your account profile (send pictures proof of identity and address), and finally the decision what advertising adpacki we want to buy, and then pay for them and setting them ads.

Important: advertising in the Futureadpro is targeted, you can exactly specify to which people have access (for the sake of your country of residence, age, gender and language).

After registration in the Futureadpro from this link, you can also count on my help in the program.


26.08.2016 update-you can now make payments from the Futureadpro directly on the stock exchange can increase BitBay.net.

Good news for those who want to replace the real currency of BTC paid to decide them on the account, or at an ATM. in BitBay you can order the “ATM card”

Updated 19.10.2016 in the Newspaper Revshare appeared an interesting interview with the owners of FAP and FN (Roman Landowners).

Worth reading: http://gazetarevshare.pl/firmy-revshare/potezny-futurenet-wywiad-wlascicielem-wspoltworca/.

Update 29.10.2016-Futurenet event in Wroclaw, introduced the ability to buy advertising adpacków for $10. Percentage of work the same, but are slower than adpacki for $50. 80% of the speed (temporarily) a large adpacka.