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Joel Therien.

Since 1996, the company leads hostingowo-marketing GVO.

In Poland it was the first time in 2011, when released into the world,

the brand “Host Then Profit”.

Acting today in the rekomendacyjnym model.

His new project is: “NEW LIFE STYLE“, this edition of the world renowned brand 7 minute workout, which marketing and involved are the best marketers in the world, such as:

-Russel Brunson,

-Angel Smith,

-Mack Mills,

-Stone Evans,

-Tissa Gotavitarne,

And many many others …

This multi-level affiliate program is second to none and from 2013 is also known in Poland.

Joel’s company operating in the brands in addition to GVO models affiliate programs, also has a robust

hosting facilities, which keeps the VIP clients.

Mike FlisameInternet multimillionaire,

(known from the software and his passion for software)

the whole business, and many many others.

What has a multi-level Affiliate Program NEW LIFE STYLE:

Product 1: health and beauty package for you and your family-Tailored individually, nutritional plan for you and 5 of your family members

Product 2: Home training system for the whole family. Highly versatile and unique system of exercises that will make all of your family will become vigor, energy and confidence.

Product 3: professional Autoresponder to manage your business, sales and advertising.

Product 4: advertising campaigns to your business was even bigger and grow your portfolio.

Earn 50% Commission to start!

(Each time as soon as you recommend our product you will get 50% Commission every month from every sale.)

In addition, we give a 100% Commission with another product in the form of a bonus. And that means that if your team you will have for example. 3 people who will earn after $1000, each receive a $500 bonus!

Exclusive Binary Plan:

This makes our affiliate program is second to none!

When his right leg you have four business partners, and on the left two.

We offer you $20 per cycle.

One cycle is $20.

Cycle counting 6 people in a proportion of 2:4 or 4:2

Chance for you!

If you sign up today and you will pay $50 (per year) to capture a place in the structure.

As you can see, the group is growing very quickly, so I’m building in the middle of your business!

The binary system allows you to take advantage of this, that I and other leaders from around the world we are building a business NowLifestyle.

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